Death Valley's Little Brother Espresso

You need to take your time if you want it done right. Espresso's not an art, it's a craft. No mass-scale production and no super-automatics for us thank-you very much :) Our coffees are roasted in small batches right here in Ontario. And we don't just pick up the phone to place an order for our beans, we make regular visits to our suppliers and we work closely with our roaster to get the sweetest profiles possible from the beans.

Good espresso-based drinks need a lot of lovin'. Of course the quality of the bean needs to be there right from the start, but every step of the way from the crop harvest to the final pull of the shot (we only pull doubles for our frantic little jackalopes) counts just as much. Temperature control is a crucial part of getting the best from our beans. Daily adjustments of our equipment are routine. Grinding is arguably one of the most important steps in getting the most from your beans and we always recommend investing in a high-grade burr grinder when preparing espresso at home.

Our pour-over brewed coffees allow for the freshest drip-brew possible. Servings are made individually for each order. (It's the only true way to get that fresh cup you've been craving!) None of our coffee is pre-ground or sits in a carafe when you order. Try a pour-over and see if you notice the difference.

We also offer 12 oz bags of several of our blends for home use. There’s a lot of great coffee on the market now, and it can be overwhelming just walking down the coffee aisle at any grocery or specialty shop. When you pick up our coffee, you’re not just getting an amazing roast, you’re getting a locally produced small batch production – and that’s a big deal when you’re talking about freshness and sustainability. Pick up a bag and let us know what you think.