Whisky Death Valley's Little Brother

Oh yes, the single-malt. The true pinnacle of all whisky goodness. Once you’ve had your first dram, there’s no going back. As expressive and diverse as wine, whiskies will vary from light to rich, and delicate to smoky. And though the trail begins in Scotland, there are many more roads to travel around the world before you become a master of the Quaich. Try a pure malt from Japan or our very own from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.Map image

If you want to keep things Scottish proper,there are plenty of options on the table. The best way to make single-malt scotch more accessible
is to break down this (sometimes) daunting selection into 4 main scotch regions: Speyside, Highlands, Lowlands, and the Islands.

Check out our flavour map (originally from malts.com) showing some of the more popular single-malts and how they stack up to one another. You can download and print a blank flavour map that comes with a handy tasting notes section to help keep track of your own single-malt journey.


Download a print-friendly PDF of our Whisky Map HERE


If you’re looking to wander deeper into Maltland,
check out these great sites: